Songwriters Block: How to Jumpstart Your Creative Flow

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It’s very likely we have all suffered writer’s block to some degree, but for songwriters, it can be more frustrating than most especially when your livelihood depends on it. Even the most experienced songwriters can have cases so bad that they have to restart their process over and over again. Most of the time songwriters are in need of inspiration and a distraction-free zone to help get the creative juices flowing and there are some great solutions to help with that.


Music retreats are great for songwriters and musicians alike for many reasons. Being in an atmosphere with other songwriters can help with creative inspiration. Working together on creating new ideas, new sounds and sharing experiences with others can help trigger creative flow. Retreats also offer a change of scenery and offer a distraction-free zone with others who have the same goal – to create. Typically these can be found via the Songwriter’s Association in your area or in various Facebook groups which you can join. If you don’t have the ability to get away, there are songwriting rooms and workshops you can join close to home that can also be found via the Songwriter’s Association of your area. It’s always important to network, especially in this case, as other professionals and songwriting coaches can offer solutions and a different strategy to your process.


Travelling for music is also great. Travel in general can inspire many people in different ways and open their eyes to new experiences and adventure and this most definitely can apply to songwriting. Musicians all throughout history have found inspiration when they change up their environment. Some of the best songs written have been whilst the artist is on tour or after relocating somewhere new. Taking a vacation and changing your surroundings can get you thinking about your work in a new way, even if your music making process mostly stays the same. Remember, humans are creatures of habit. The way music is created in the space you’re used to is eventually going to become predictable after a while. It truly doesn’t matter what type of trip you plan, the most important thing you want to get out of it, is a distraction-free zone and new inspiration.


Budgets are tight as independent artists and getaways can become expensive. There are reasonable alternatives that are low to no cost. If booking a trip overseas is out of reach then consider a road trip, renting a chic hotel room or find a cabin in the woods for a few days. While trips can be a big help for jumpstarting new projects and wrapping up unfinished ones, the spaces you make in your daily life will end up having the biggest impact on your process. Find yourself a space that’s free of technology and other distractions to help you achieve a zen state of mind. Try focusing on being able to create freely at home and you’ll get the most out of the times you choose to travel to make music.

In this age of music, the absolute best thing musicians can do for their careers is to create and release as much great music as they can. If taking a trip or joining workshops is something you believe that will work for you, then you need to prioritize it and make sacrifices to make it happen.

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